Blower Door Test

blower door test Air flowing in and out of a building can cause lots of problems; in fact, air leakage can account for 30 percent to 50 percent of the heat loss in some homes. But air flowing through a building can help solve lots of problems too — as long as it’s the result of a blower-door test.  With the blower door, our advsior can quantify airflow and the resulting heat (or cooling) loss, pinpoint specific leaks, and determine when a home needs mechanical ventilation The blower door is used to document the amount of leakage, guide our technichians in sealing air leaks and show the results of the air sealing and insulation work completed. 

Without a blower door test it is only a guess!  This is why all federal, state or utility company rebate and incentive programs will require a documented blower door reading.


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