Referral Program

Home Owners, Contractors and Friends of our Friends

Make money by referring friends and family to Home Doctor of America services.  Whether it's an audit, a a remodeling job, or verifying your home for a HERS rating, etc.- you can now take advantage of this program.  Past customers as well as new customers or their friends should take note.  We offer up to $250 per referral each month.  Keep sending friends our way and we'll keep sending you the checks. 

referral program


Over the years, we've developed some great bonds with our customers and affiliates.  We've worked with some great folks- and we think it's time for an added incentive.  Most of our business is word of mouth, and we've made it this far because we do things the right way.  Here's the deal.  


Home Doctor of America is offering referral bonuses to anyone who recommends our services to someone else  If that someone signs a contract with us- you're getting a check from us.  It really is that simple.
Payouts are made monthly, based on the total sum of referred customer sales.  At the very least, you will get a check for $25.   For example: you recommend a solar system sale and installation– you're looking at 5% of the contract price up to our $250 limit.  And the best part?  There is no limit to the amount of times you can get paid.  Interested? 


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