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Home Doctor of America is about creating a better home by using building science and a great attention to details. We conduct “whole house” energy audits designed to improve the efficiency, comfort, health, and safety of your home and its occupants in the southeastern part of CT, Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties in NY. From home energy audits including blower door testing and infrared diagnostics that pinpoint your home’s deficiencies, to full service work to fix those deficiencies, we work to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, eradicate any indoor air quality and other safety problems at the source, and optimize building durability and integrity, all while taking into account the interrelationship between your home’s various components.

Trades concentrate on their own work.  Only the whole house performance contractor checks that all systems work in conjunction with each other to provide a safe, durable, comfortable and energy efficient home.  At Home Doctor of America, our energy efficiency efforts encompass all aspects of the building performance field.  We start with basic energy saving methods and engineering principles to improve the function and efficiency of buildings. We design and manage complex tools and applications that help in calculating and analyzing the building/energy performance before making any significant changes to a structure.  These are all vital parts of our business and the driving force of the vision behind Home Doctor of America

At Home Doctor of America – We Have Standards

Unlike other home contractors and specialists, we are guided by third party technical standards for the home performance, and for any improvements done by us or our qualified subcontracted trades people. From air sealant to insulation, heating equipment to the one hundred other services we offer, you can take comfort in knowing that a third party is evaluating our work for quality and adherence with the best practices of home performance contracting.

With a staff as dedicated as its owner, Home Doctor of America provides its customers with the knowledge and education they need to make their home more comfortable, durable and energy efficient.  We’re certified, verified, and have years of experience under our tool belt.  Click here for full details on our Certifications.

Bob Mariani has been in the home improvement business since 1968.   In 1978 he became one of the first federally certified energy auditors.  He is a Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst.  By continuing to train and keep abreast of new or improved technologies he is an asset to all our clients wanting to maintain a comfortable safe and energy efficient home.

  • BPI #5014207
  • Home Improvement Contractor in CT HIC#063735
  • E-1 Electrical license #104667

Please call the office for a free consultation, where you’ll speak with a friendly customer service representative trained to walk you through exactly what sort of work we do on a day-to-day basis to improve homes like yours, as well as what energy efficiency rebates and tax credits may be available in your area. We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to call us anytime. (855) 641-3300

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Home Doctor of America

Home Doctor of America

Home Doctor of America is about creating a better home by using building science and a great attention to details. We conduct house energy audits designed to improve the...

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