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Our Approach

We are a one call, whole house performance contractor. Our advisors are highly trained by BPI and RESNET to assess, estimate the costs, implement, and then validate the results of our work. Our method of treating your house as a system avoids the pitfalls commonly found in the industry today. We are a RESNET Energy Smart contractor specializing in all aspects of making your home safe, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

Step 1: Receive A Home Performance Assessment

Not all assessments (sometimes called audits) are the same. Those backed by government agencies and utility companies are vastly lacking in developing a true plan to action. They leave out too much! A walk through audit simply states the obvious.

We offer the complete BPI audit as a starting point, then go beyond it, inspecting the whole house for defects and areas that can be improved. We want your house to work. We work to make that happen. Our advisers are highly trained in all home components and understand the intricate principles of building science. We concentrate on how each component interacts with others. We look at the smallest details while keeping focused on the entire house to assure each component works well with all other systems.

Advanced diagnostic tools help us determine exactly where home improvement solutions need to be addressed. With testing we get real results. Without testing you only get a guess.

Step 2: Prepare A Comprehensive Report

After fully assessing your home, your advisor will provide options and costs for a customized solution to make your home more durable and comfortable, healthier, and save energy. Predicted energy savings are presented and guaranteed. We will then assist you in selecting those energy improvements that will be the best investments for your home and family

*Link to sample Recurve report

Step 3: Make Improvements

Once a course of action is selected, an experienced installation crew performs the entire scope of work that may include heating and cooling systems, duct work, air sealing and insulation, replacement windows and doors, and indoor air quality procedures. This whole house as a system method assures that all components of the home work together and that no harm is done to the house or your family. Since we are a one call company you will not have to deal with scheduling or conflicts between different tradesmen.

Step 4: Test Out

Once work is completed we perform the blower door and combustion test and infrared scans for the test out process. This assures you that the work done was a success. We use checklists to verify that no details are left out. Your home is left in pristine condition with the only noticeable change is that the climate inside is now comfortable.

Our work is also spot checked by third party organizations such as BPI and RESNET.

Enjoy the Benefits:

  • Lower energy costs  25% – 40% reduction
  • Consistent temperature distribution throughout your home
  • Better humidity control
  • Proper ventilation
  • Reduced drafts
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced noise levels 50-80% less
  • Improved health and safety for your family
  • Extended longevity of the home
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased house value
  • Elimination of ice dams
  • A report that gives a clear path to a healthy comfortable and energy efficient home.
  • Utilizing government and community programs we help you get rebates and financing for your energy efficient upgrades to your home.

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