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BPI Certified Building Analyst

BPI Certified Building Analyst: As a certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst, I have had training in BPI’s rigorous house-as-a-system approach and kept conscientiously up-to-date on certification (BPI requires Building Analysts to be re-certified every three years).

As a BPI Certified Building Analyst I am certified to conduct blower-door tests, combustion appliance inspection and repair, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection, duct testing and airflow testing in addition to my other contracting services. For more information about BPI’s standards, take a look at their Technical Standards for Building Analysts (PDF).

BPI Building Analyst Professional Certified for LaPolla Spray Foam Level 1 Thermography
BPI Envelope Professional Certified for Retro Foam Wall Foam Level I, II,& III Weatherization Supervisor
RESNET Energy Smart Contractor Certified for Honeywell Weatherization EPA Certified Renovator (lead-safe practices)
Certified Insulation/Air Sealing Level III Certified as a Furniture Finisher (Mohawk) Lead Smart Renovator
Certified Installer/Distributor for Ez-breathe Master Electrian  (E-1) Indow Window Dealer/Installer

Members of the Home Doctor of America team have the following certifications:

  • BPI Building Analysis
  • BPI Envelope
  • BPI Heating and Air Conditioning
  • BPI Multi-Family
  • Lead Smart Renovator
  • RESNET Certified HERS Rater


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Home Doctor of America

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