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Is there such a thing as a house that’s too tight?

Well, yes and no… Foam it Right takes the position that the building’s shell, or envelope, should be as tight as it can possibly be. Once the shell is tight, we test to determine the ventilation requirements of the building as per ASHRAE 62.1, and add ventilation as is necessary. Without proper ventilation, indoor air quality suffers due to lack of fresh air and the build-up of humidity (from cooking, plants, breathing, washing, etc.) and indoor pollutants (off-gassing of carpets and furniture, pet dander, cooking odors, etc.). Older buildings used what we call “natural ventilation”, meaning they were so leaky that sweaters and blankets were mandatory equipment 8 months out of the year. It is far better to control the amount of ventilation in a building and change the rate of introduced fresh air, and exhaust of stale air as conditions change during the course of a day.

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Home Doctor of America

Home Doctor of America is about creating a better home by using building science and a great attention to details. We conduct house energy audits designed to improve the...

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