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With the stock market as volatile as ever more and more Americans, wealthy or not, are looking for the next big thing that could potentially turn a meager investment into billions. After the dot com bubble of the late nineties and early two thousands investors across the globe began to scramble looking for the next big opportunity that the market would present. Well, at long last there appears to be an option presenting itself in renewable energy, specifically in the solar field. The following are some of the more basic reasons why an investment in solar energy would be money well spent:

Significant Demand Already Exists.

One of the primary reasons why solar energy is a smart investment is a large percent of the guesswork of investing in a burgeoning industry is largely nullified due to there already being a significant demand for solar energy and products. With solar installations showing a 41% growth in 2014 from the year previous investors in solar have the unique opportunity to enter a new industry from nearly the ground floor that has already shown promising growth. A lot of the guesswork has already been taken out.

Cost of Panels has Dropped Significantly.

One of the primary roadblocks in the infancy of the solar industry was simply the high cost associated with manufacturing and installing solar panels with the relatively low amount of energy those early panels could produce. Luckily new advances in the field have caused the price of the panels to drop significantly while simultaneously increasing in output of energy. This along with more and more companies cropping up around the country offering affordable solar panel installations has aided the fast paced shift in demand.

Industry has begun to Notice.

The residential sector is not the only area seeing vast growth of demand for solar energy. Big business and industry leaders have also begun to take notice of the potential money saving and, to a lesser extent I’m sure, more environmentally conscious technology resulting in huge investments in solar energy. Reports show that commercial solar panels were installed on 41,803 business, non-profit and government locations throughout the U.S. alone showing significant growth for the second straight year, growth that shows no signs of slowing down despite oil being at its lowest price in years.

Environmental Impact.

Despite remaining a hotly debated topic amongst in the political spectrum the American public as a whole appears to be viewing climate change as a more serious threat than in previous years. Multiple polls taken across 2014 have shown a larger percentage of Americans are concerned about the effects that global warming could have on the environment with nearly half of Americans holding the belief that global warming is causing a significant impact now, while about 60 percent would like to see environmental protection become a top priority. With numbers like that it’s easy to see why so many businesses and private citizens are viewing solar energy as the next potentially hugely lucrative investment.

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