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What is weatherization?  WikiPedia has it’s own definition.  Goverenment subsidy programs have there own interpretation.  Usually combining insulation services with caulking, window replacements and even water heater and heating system upgrades.

Home Doctor of America’s weatherization program is a group of services geared to keeping your home out of the weather!  Roofing, siding and windows are some of the components.  Taming Mother Nature’s wrath is what our program focuses on.

Of course we also participate with all goverment and private programs to “weatherize” low income properties.  Watch the video to see why we feel these programs to help those in need are so important to our country.

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Home Doctor of America

Home Doctor of America

Home Doctor of America is about creating a better home by using building science and a great attention to details. We conduct house energy audits designed to improve the...

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