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Ductless Heat Pump

What is a ductless heat pump?

  • Although relatively new in the U.S., ductless heat pumps have been available internationally for more than 20 years. Ductless heat pumps provide heating and cooling to homes with no, or poorly operating, ductwork. Often referred to as a “mini split,” it consists of one outdoor heat exchanger  unit and up to four separate, or “split,” units mounted on the interior wall.

Ductless heat pumps operate without ductwork, eliminating potential loss of energy from leaky or unsealed ducts, making your home more energy efficient and lowering energy costs.


  • Ductless heat pumps are used in rooms where heat and cooling systems are not present, or as a supplement system to traditional units. A new room addition or three-season porches, without duct work, are example applications.
  • Homes with electric heat are ideal candidates for these units.  Savings of 40%-50% on utility bills makes the ROI less than 3 years.


  • Installation is uncomplicated and much quicker than traditional heating systems requiring duct work. Ductless heat pumps also provide air-conditioning and can save up to 50 percent on your home energy bill. They are also a safer alternative to portable heaters and consume less electricity.

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