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This limited time offer is valid for all Eversource or United Illuminating customers who heat their homes by electric, natural gas, oil or propane.

Promotional offer increases the insulation rebate amount to $1.00 per square foot for contractor installed insulation meeting insulation requirements listed below up to 75% of the installed cost. Insulation must be purchased/installed and Rebate request with required documentation. Complete the required product/sales information in the area provided.


Insulation Location: Insulation rebate applies to above grade walls or ceilings that are part of the home’s conditioned space/envelope.

Basement ceilings, below grade walls, or insulation installed in interior walls do not qualify for the HES insulation rebate. Code: All insulation installations must comply with local building codes and regulations, including energy code and ventilation requirements.

Insulation Materials: Acceptable insulation materials are fiberglass batts, blown-fiberglass, cellulose, dense pack cellulose, spray foam or rigid foam or rigid spray foam products.

R-Values: Ceilings with less than R-30 insulation. A minimum of R-19 must be installed and the final R-value of the ceiling must be greater than or equal to R-38. The final R-value is based on the settled density of the installed insulation. Walls that have no insulation or insulation which is estimated to have an R-value of 4 or less, a minimum of R-13 must be installed.

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