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“I had one of your units installed in my home. Prior to that, I was using oxygen every night and some during the day. I also was taking 3 to 4 breathing treatments with a nebulizer every day. Well that has all stopped! I have not taken a breathing treatment since. I have also not used oxygen at all during the day . It is so wonderful not to have those hoses up my nose all the time and to be able to breathe easier. That you very much for that.

Now here is the real story!

Yesterday afternoon I was baking a pizza in the oven. After that I shut the oven off. After that I went on with my day and evening and went to bed. That night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I thought I smelled gas in the air. I checked my oven. It was off and no gas smell when I opened the oven door. I went back to bed. Woke up at 6:30AM today. Again I could smell gas. I checked the oven again. Again it was ok. I look at the top burner knobs and one of them was on on low.I guess I had bumped that burner knob and knocked on to low position. Being the stove has electronic pilot lights it did not lite because it had passed the liting position and was just letting gas into the air. I quickly turn the knob off and turned on my range hood fan and my ceiling fans. But I honestly believe that if your ventilation system had not be running full bore, I would have been dead or very ill or have blown the house up. But thanks to your system. I am alive and well today as I sit here and type this message many thanks for your wonderful product. I honestly believe it saved my life!”